Navy Bridgetown Zippy Bag

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Zippy bag keeps all your little stuff in one place! Designed using 100% high quality, pre-washed cotton, this Zippy Bag gives you a rad looking pouch to keep your small tablet, your pencils, whatever you can fit inside!

Sewn with a navy Bridgetown fabric with a white zipper and solid grey lining. Zipper color may vary.

Bridge print fabric was designed by Violet Craft, who designed this fabric representing most of the Portland, Oregon bridges, including the St Johns Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, and Steel Bridge, etc.

Please note that due to the repeat of the pattern of this fabric, the bridges on each Zippy Bag may vary.

The Why:
Are you a bag-within-another-bag person? If so, you can't ever have too many on hand. Putting your smaller items in a Zippy Bag and then in a larger bag means quick and easy access to those smaller items! 
Product Specs:

• Approx. 6" x 9"
• 100% pre-washed cotton fabric
• Zipper closure (zipper color may vary)

Zippy Bag Care:
• We recommend spot-cleaning, but if you must wash, you can hand-wash and line dry or machine wash on delicate.



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